A Simple Solution to X and Y

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It's in the quiet moments that we fully embrace life and all of ourselves.

Then there are those moments where we can feel scattered, almost like we've split into a millions pieces of stardust.

What then?

As soon as you notice that you're feeling..

Not sure

The best next step is to just BE with that awareness, and say to yourself, "Oh, I'm feeling scattered about X or Y" and almost just as soon as we do, the system corrects itself and


The solution
The idea
The possibility
The next tiny, baby step

JUMPS out at us and says, "Hey – try this on for size!"

And then we go in that direction.

The fog lifts and we're clear about the very next step.
Not the next thousand steps – just the very next one.

So...how do you move from there?
What then?

How do you know if the next step is the right one?

Well, you don't....until you do.

All you can ever do is what seems right in the moment.  And then move from there.

That's why following your gut,
Listening to your instincts. 
Going on a hunch feels


It's because it's


Listen to the quiet space within (not the noise outside)

And life just gets, well...


Enjoy the unfolding in this New Day ~


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