5 Healthy Ways to Reboot When You Feel Zapped

It happens to all of us.  

You have one of those days when you feel like you're climbing uphill with your tired hands and getting nowhere.

Or maybe you're making great progress, but just feel depleted.

Believe me, I've been there.  And some of the worst things you can do during times like these is reach for processed junk food, waste time scrolling through social media, or even snap at someone you love.

So here's a short list of five healthy ways to rebook (fast) when you just feel zapped.

  1. Take a nap.  Even just 10-15 minutes of snooze time works wonders for an irritability or an afternoon slump.  Most cultures consider a short nap everyday a must.  It boots creativity and focus.  So catch a few zzzz's when you can!
  2. Have a cup of tea (preferably organic green, loose leaf).  Tea has so many health benefits; being high in antioxidants, boosting memory and concentration and aiding in weight loss just to name a few.  So...sip, breathe, repeat.
  3. Go for a walk outdoors.  When you move your body outside in nature, you boost your creativity and concentration according to a study at Stanford.*  Plus - - it's great to get some quick fitness in while you're at it!
  4. Do some stretches.  Expand your body, expand your mind.  Some light yoga (especially backbends) can leave you feeling like you had a shot of espresso - without the bad effects.
  5. Sit in silence.  Take a few minutes to unplug from all devices, sit and do nothing.  Give yourself some time to just BE and you'll feel grounded and ready for what's ahead.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and find them helpful!

And don't forget to ENJOY THIS DAY xx


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*Source: Stanford research study 2014: http://stanford.io/2nZxkLF