Ready for a Breakthrough?

We all have those times in our lives when we KNOW that a shift is taking place. 

We get a small or HUGE hint or message to make some kind of change.

Sometimes it shows up as an inkling to try something new,
Sometimes it shows up as a physical symptom or even pain,
And sometimes it shows you a new way of doing something or a bright idea –

Either way, it usually shows up when you least expected it and in the form of

An inner knowing or gut feeling.

You get an intuitive hit – and it's in these moments that you make one of two choices:

1. Do nothing. Ignore it. Hope that the feeling, pain, symptom, idea just goes away.


2. You act.  You just take the next small step.

And before you know it...(if you take path #2)...time goes by and you don't even remember what that "thing" was that started you on the journey to where you are now...

You just feel WHOLE again.

Here's to the next step : )



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