How To Open Your Mind: New Thought Wants In!

I've been taking a break from "normal life" on a vacation with my family in Okoboji, Iowa.  

Today I'm reflecting on how it almost feels effortless to let new thought rush in once you take yourself out of your element and daily routine.  That combined with the permission I remind myself of on a daily basis has given me a flood of new ideas and new perspective, which is:

Clear your thinking.  Allow new thought to come in.

It's amazing how quickly and easily new ideas, new perspectives and a general breathing space can make it's way into your head and heart when you clear out all the muck.  

I understand that it can feel like part of our human nature to be stuck in old thought. 

I also understand that it's usually responsible for making us feel "stuck" in our 

Old ways
Old habits
Old job
Old life.

It just doesn't have to be that way.

Just for today, give it a whirl.  

Here's how:

The next time you find yourself wrestling with an issue or you feel stuck, take a few hours or the whole day and just tell yourself, 


You'll be amazed at how quickly 

New thinking
New perspective
New ideas

make their way into your head and heart.

Then just sit with it for a minute until you can take action (a.k.a. The Next Step) feeling grateful for fresh thought and all the possibilities that are now unfolding that you couldn't even see before.

All my love,

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