How To Raise Your Vibration Around Money

I can remember a time when I had a lot of debt and I just wasn't sure where the money was going to come from.

I tried everything.

Finally, I realized that it was all within me.

I had to change my story around money and it wasn't going to happen through just doing affirmations or hoping or wishing or praying. But those things don't hurt either!

I had to BECOME the person I knew I was inside for my money issues to come to surface and reveal themselves to me.

I had to face them head on.

I always knew that I could. I just didn't know how...

It's funny, looking back now because I remember clear as day times in my life when I'd manifest the EXACT amount of money I wanted to have.

But the trouble was that it would always leave me....

It wasn't until I held myself accountable for both my feelings about money and the action I was taking day to day that I was able to break free.

And now money is just a tool I use in this world of form to experience life.

I am truly grateful for money.
Money always has my back.

The Universe is ALWAYS there for me (and You.)

All my love,
xo Molly

P.S. I was afraid to share this with you until now.

But I know that it's time for me to fully come out of my shell and help empower you to feel differently about money in your life and all the shame and guilt that we sometimes harbor within.

To raise your vibration around money:

Bring it to surface. 
Let it go. 
Open up to all the possibilities for you.

Take action.

So, this is me. Sharing my story with you. If you feel ready to change up your story about money and breathe into who you know you are inside and bring it to life outside - - and experience money in a new way - check out my new program, Grow Your Money Tree that starts August 7th!  Click here to learn more - - and if you sign up this week - - you'll receive a special code for $100 off.  Message me with your questions.  xx

If you've got all your money ducks in a row and feel really good about how and when it's in your life now - - take a moment - - and breathe in gratitude for all that you have and all that you see and all that's on the way. xx