5 Steps to Achieve an 'Impossible' Goal

I remember it like it was yesterday.

The day my daughter Adriana was born. Nine years ago today was her actual due date, which has got me thinking about my pregnancy and how at the time having her seemed impossible.

When we unexpectedly lost our third child, Siena, after 20 weeks pregnancy, having another baby seemed out of reach. There were so many obstacles, and I remember feeling like the day when I'd finally be able to see her and hold her in my arms was only a dream.

But I didn't give up. Looking back now I know the exact things I did each day, taking baby steps to nine months...

Most of the things I had to do where uncomfortable and some days I even felt like I was faking it because I was struggling with thoughts of fear and worry.

Now, looking back it all seems so clear.

When you want something bad enough you'll do just about anything (within reason) to achieve it. I'm sure you can remember a goal that at the time seemed impossible that you achieved.

Today, you might even that it for granted. It might seem like 'no big deal.' At the time it was this big, huge, maybe even scary thing.

But here's the thing that most people miss:

Along with doing everything to bring your impossible goal to life –


That's exactly where the magic lies.

Letting go..for the miracle, new thought, fresh idea to come through you.

As I sit here writing this after just taking Adriana to her first day of the new school year, I know this for sure:


So, go do your thing.
Set your standards high.
Take the leap.
Bring it to life.

And most of all, be OPEN to miracles unfolding...until one day...you have to remind yourself:

Oh, right. That was huge. I remember creating the impossible.

Then, go do it again. ✨


1. First, bring to mind an 'impossible' goal or challenge. It should be something that lights you up inside.

2. Ask yourself, is this goal something that I really want? Do I have to have it? If it's something that seems non-negotiable – go back to step one. Your goal should be light, fun, exciting, and in alignment with your values. If you feel like you absolutely 'have to have it' or your life will be 'ruined', it's not an 'impossible' goal.

3. Now, bring words and desire to your goal. Examples: "I am vibrant, healthy – and full of energy to enjoy time with my friends and family." "I have an amazing job where I am creative and totally fulfilled." "I have a 6-figure business that creates more freedom, fun and flexibility for me and my family."

4. Ask yourself everyday: Who do I need to be today to make this happen? How can I bring an aspect of this goal to life today? How would I show up in my life today if this goal was already done? No matter how small the action, no matter how silly it feels, bring pieces of this goal (as an already done deal) to life NOW.

5. The final step is to find someone who you can share this 'impossible' goal with who will support you in achieving it. It must be someone who really wants you to bring this goal to life, someone who believes in you, and can hold you accountable. This could be a coach, a mentor, or someone you work with.

Okay, now you're up: WHAT'S YOUR ONE IMPOSSIBLE GOAL? Let me know here or hit reply to this message.

Love. Molly

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