It's Time To Push

Here we are on this beautiful season in the month of August...

I recorded this message for you for this week: FINDING STABLE GROUND.

Listen to the recording below and then take a few minutes to journal around the questions that follow...

  1. What's trying to come through me right now?
  2. Where in my life do I need to 'Push'?
  3. How can I create my solid foundation to shift my thoughts and ideas?
  4. Where can I create more balance in an area of my life?
  5. can I bring more ease to this 'push' or shift happening in my life now?  What support do I need and how would that make the change or shift more effortless?


P.S. My Free Online Workshop: Find Your Balance is Tuesday, August 8th at 11am CST / 12pm EST.  Sign up here: . There will be a recording if you can't join us LIVE - but you must register in order to receive it! xo