How This Rescued Butterfly Transformed Me.

The other day I was heading back to my car after lunch when I noticed a beautiful monarch butterfly lying in the parking lot next to the tire of a large SUV.  I knelt down to get a closer look, and noticed that one set of its wings were sort of stuck together.  

I could see it was making a great effort to FLY - but wasn't able to get it's wings "unstuck".

Long story short, I took the butterfly home.  

I figured, at the very least I could rescue it from a busy parking lot where it was sure to be hurt.

So I found a plastic bag in my car and I ever so carefully placed the butterfly inside and set it on my backseat.   Once I got home with it, I placed it on the side of my house where I have a little garden area with beautiful trees and flowers.  I found out that the butterfly was just trying to separate it's wings and fly for the first time. 

I left for a short time and came back to discover the the butterfly was eaten by a bird or some other animal.  

I was devasted. 

I thought, wow - I wasn't able to help after all.  What was I thinking in the first place... me?  Care for a butterfly – with three cats in the house!? 

My son told me later that Monarchs are poisonous...this would definitely be bad for our kitties.

So you're probably wondering, what does all this have to do with transformation? 

Well, I took some time to reflect on all of this and what I realized is this:


Just like me being my unfiltered self – both in taking care of this butterfly as best as I knew how in that given moment and in sharing this with you now:

I hear it over and over again.

Why can't I find my purpose?  
What am I called to do?  
Why isn't it here already?!

Well, you can't 'find' your purpose because 'it' is You.

But you can get 'unstuck' from your wings (or challenge) in order to transform into the highest, most clear, unfiltered version of YOU there is.  

And sometimes that means getting torn up a bit on the inside.

Being vulnerable.
Asking for help.
Sharing your truth.
Reaching out.

Even challenging your beliefs.

And that's why the saying from Gandhi is so meaningful to most of us.

Because it's close.  

It resonates deep within our souls:  "BE the change you are seeking."  

Now - - go share your gifts with the world. xx

All my love, Molly