5 Steps To Level Up Now (and my personal experience after a shift)

As most of you already know, I spend most of my time working with clients and helping them meet a challenge and move through a shift.

You know - getting from Point A > Point B.

Meeting their challenge
Seeing their goal
Finding their true north
And living on their terms – now – not later.

What I don't talk about as much as I probably should is this:

What it's like on the Other Side of the Shift (or challenge.)
What it's like when you REACH your goal?
What it's like when you finally have (______) ?

When you find yourself living in the space and time you've always dreamed of - - and this could be applied to a bite sized achievement as well. To get a better idea of what I mean here, listen to the audio I recorded for this week's Monday Message: RISE UP TO MEET IT.

Here are some of my experiences after a shift or goal is met, (more about my latest one soon) what occurs, how it can feel, and 5 steps to reaching it it.

  • Increased Energy: For some reason, whenever we rise up to meet our goal or challenge head on, and really step up for it – we don't lose energy. We gain it. And this propels us to the next level of the direction we're headed. Pretty awesome, right?!
  • People Tend To Want More of You: I don't think this is actually a total result of you changing, although it might be. Others notice the change in you, and if it's a match to their vibration - - or the vibration they are wanting to feel in themselves, they're naturally drawn to you. The flip side to this is that you might simply notice more interesting high-vibe people in your life because you're paying attention to them (and getting out of your comfort zone more to hang out).
  • Increased Confidence: Now, the ego has to get involved at least a bit to achieve something, and that's what I believe is part of the reason we have one in the first place. As long as you stay aligned with your inner wisdom and are connected to helping and serving others in what you do, your natural confidence will serve you. It will have you doing all sorts of things you never would have considered doing months ago; like reaching out that that person for help, taking the interview, charging what you're worth, going to the open house showing of the home of your dreams. Having confidence in WHO you are is part of being human. And for some of us, the confidence we thought we were lacking, has been there all along. It could have been masked after a childhood/teen experience we had and with a bit of courage, we can get there again. Back to our natural state. Being fearless about who we are and what we're here to do in the world.
  • More Ease: When you rise to meet a goal or challenge and it's met – you feel better about life in general. You're able to direct your attention to other things. (this is actually part of a method I use in working with my clients). The key is bringing Ease in first. Then the challenge we face feels easier, fun and playful.
  • Yes, Another Challenge Comes Your Way: Once we Step Up, Rise To Meet It, and Receive It – guess what? It's time to level up again. But here's the thing – if you do this regularly (as in, keep growing!) you will be able to choose when you're ready to accept the next BIG or small thing. And hey, it's totally fine to wait a bit and get all your cute duckies in a row. Just know that in my experience, when a challenge really calls you, it doesn't wait forever. So get on it when you can muster up about 70% of the courage and 25% of the know how. The rest is all about you letting go and letting the Universe - Spirit - God - loving intelligence - whatever You call it - work with you.

So...the only question I have for you now is, Are You Ready?

5 Steps to Level Up:

  1. Get Clear On What You Want To Receive.
  2. Step Up. Rise To Meet It.
  3. Trust. Let Go.
  4. Receive.
  5. What's Next?

And don't forget, to enjoy this brand new day.

Love. Molly

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