Finding Solid Ground in These Times

I want to take a minute to reflect this morning on the times we live in.


It's remarkable how much I'm hearing and witnessing on a daily basis.  A wide ranging, dimensional combination of sadness AND the courage of the human spirit.  

It's been heavy to say the least.

My heart is fully open and goes out to all those who are suffering in the world.

But how do you stay present and grounded and not let yourself get completely taken over with sadness and fear?

After all, this is the only way any of us can truly help.

It doesn't do me, my family, my clients, or the world any good if I'm in bed and staring at a TV screen completely zoned out.  

It doesn't do you any good to check out either.


What helps is that we WAKE UP within each and everyday.  That we connect with the gratitude and love we can tap into...

As my son said this morning to me, we only need two things right now:


At any given moment.

Inside out (not the other way around). 

So on this official International Day of Peace - - I ask you:

What are you going to DO to stay grounded right now?  
How are you going to stay connected with the work you're here to do?
How are you going to take excellent care of your WHOLE self so you can truly serve?

Pick something now.

Reach out for help - or - Help someone.

Better yet – do both.

And if you're just not sure that you're quite ready...

To start the business
Take the class
Reach out to him
Or ask for some help – 

It has NOTHING to do with being "ready" - and it has EVERYTHING TO DO WITH:

Whether you WANT it or not.

Stop asking if you're ready.

Ask yourself a better question, like, "Do I want it or not?"

If the answer is YES - then take the next step no mater how scary it may seem.  
If the answer is NO - then just let go for awhile or take another path if it's clear.

Now, let's get busy...
creating and loving and doing all of the work that needs us now.

Because we need it to.

All my love,

P.S. How can I help you right now?  Bring me your challenge and I'll tackle it for you.