2 Reasons Why Your Mindset Shift Isn't 'Working'

When I'm coaching someone for the first time, one of the initial questions or roadblocks they're experiencing is often brought up front and center in that initial conversation.

And it lands like a TON OF BRICKS.

It's like a heavy backpack full of rocks...they've been carrying for


And that's this:


I've brought it into my life in small ways
I've done the vision board stuff
I've meditated on it
I've visualized it
I've even prayed on it....

Why the ?!^# isn't it here already?

Two reasons:

1)  You're not taking any real action
2) You're not taking (the right) action

What to do now?

If #1 is your issue - good news!

You've got no real 'issue' at all.  

All you have to do is ACT.

Take the first baby step.
Make the call.
Ask him already.
Make the investment.

Give a bold proposal to someone.
Write the chapter.
Spend time actually doing the 'thing'.  

Whatever 'it' is – the good news is you already know.  

Great.  So get off Netflix or Facebook or Angry Birds Star Wars Edition and go do it already.

If #2 is your issue, and you don't know what action to take – the next step is easy too.

Find your nearest mentor or colleague
Talk to the coach
Read the book
Go to the meeting
Ask for support...

Whatever you do –

Get out of 'being stuck' TODAY.

You'll feel a whole lot better tomorrow if take the next step.  

Or would you rather wait another 6 months or a year to feel better?

Remember this:  We all make choices.

It's time to SOAR.

All my love.

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