Finding Your Way

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I flew into California a few days ago for Michael Neill's Super Coach Academy.  And since I've arrived, and even on the trip in, there have been countless new insights and adventures, including a not so fun Uber trip; more on that in a minute...

The main theme of what I've discovered so far has been that we are all in any given moment Finding Our Way.

Sometimes it's in a new task or project, or when we find ourselves in a completely new place.

And other times it's a difficult situation like last night when I took an Uber back to my hotel.  Thankfully I was riding along with a new friend/angel named Jill.  Our driver was going in circles and not taking us to our destination, which by the way was less than 10 minutes away.  

I started to panic and we urged him to pull over as we got out in a close spot to where we were both staying.  I said goodbye to Jill and walked to my hotel which happened to be a couple of minutes from hers.  I called my husband, Jeff and spoke with the front desk, and let's just say I'm not sure I'll EVER ride in an Uber again.  

But what I noticed was this:

In the moments when my driver was speaking wildly and driving a bit crazy, laughing and such, I was tuned in and turned on – to ALL of my senses.  I felt like I was in the background watching a movie, and everything lit up to tell me to get out.  

What this experience has shown me, and what I'm seeing now in my own life and with my clients, is that we Find Our Way moment by moment as we feel into each new thought and experience.  Then our intuition choice, and the decision making process rushes into help. 

Sometimes it does the opposite by clouding our thinking, and we wind up overthinking our gut feels, making us feel unsure and uncertain about what to do.

And other times we're totally connected and tuned into to exactly what to do now.

What I have to share right now in this moment with you is this:

If you're wrestling with a newfound idea or have found yourself in a completely new place, job, business, relationship, opportunity – remember this: 

You will Find Your Way again and again.

So the best thing you can do when there's a simple or seemingly difficult situation or an exciting new opportunity that's on your mind and in your heart, is let your inner knowing guide you – and don't be afraid to sprinkle it with some logic and common sense too.

Knowing you can always course correct later, with a brand new thought.

More to come soon!  I'll be sharing LOTS of new ways to work with your own creativity and bring your ideas and dream life to the here and now in the coming days.

And remember to ENJOY this brand new day ~


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