Where Are You Playing Small?

Santa Monica Pier, CA

Santa Monica Pier, CA

I just returned from a trip to Santa Monica where I spent a week with a group of about 50 amazing mentors and coaches at Supercoach Academy with Michael Neill.  

During my time there I had so many deep realizations personally, and for my business. 

The overall theme I kept feeling into again and again was that I've been playing small.  Now, for those of you who've spent time with me in person, you know that I stand at a grounded 5 feet tall, which doesn't exactly leave me towering over people!

But what does my actual size have to do with my presence and the work I put forward into the world?

What does that have to do with how I show up each day and allow the unfolding to do its thing and expand my mind, vision, and yes, even my offerings?

Where do I hold back?

As I stand here writing this to you, I know that playing small isn't even in my field anymore.  Now I might notice it again someday down the road, but from this moment forward, I know this for sure:

I am always be able to point myself back Home to my deeper knowing.

Back home to the inner knowing that I am ready at any given moment to


No apologies. No pre-planning needed.

Showing up exactly as I am  - - doing my thing.

So...I have to ask you now – are you playing small?

If so, where? 
How does it look to you?
How does it feel?

And are you ready to go all in with ALL OF YOU?  

If yes, I have to ask:

What awesome NEW thing (business, project, idea, work of art or something else) will you create next?


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