The Coast is Clear

I was driving my daughter to school this morning when the familiar phrase “the coast is clear” came up in our conversation and filled the car with laughter.

Personally, I’ve always loved the phrase and maybe it’s due to my deep love for the ocean and the California coast.  

But lately I’ve been paying very close attention to the meaning behind the everyday words we use and this one in particular stuck out to me this morning when talking with Adriana.

I did some research and the phrase first appeared in print in 1531 where it was described as a vessel which had safely cleared the coast.  Years later it was used by Shakespeare in 'Henry VI' as a reference to visibility.

In my experience, it’s typically used to describe a feeling of permission as in the situation at hand is ‘safe to proceed with’ or a feeling of ‘it’s okay to move forward.’

The thing is it looks different to me now because unless we’re literally waiting for our ship to clear the coast,  it doesn’t make sense to think we know when it’s clear to cross or pass or say “yes” or “no” as long as we are waiting for outside circumstances, events or people to give us the go ahead.

So, how do you know when to take a leap or chance or to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to an opportunity or whatever question is right in front of you?

It may seem too simple however, I’m always being pointed back to the knowing that:

We simply know when we know.  

In conversations with my clients it often comes up that sometimes we want our outside circumstances or someone else to give the go ahead or the halt.

Not us.  Someone or something else to pull the trigger on what we want.


It seems as though we think we can blame them or the situation if things don’t go the way we thought they should.  
Knowing that there’s no way to ever really know how things will look or what result will occur, we can safely proceed in the direction of our dreams or whatever looks like

The next step.

Which from our eyes and the thinking we have in the moment can appear to us in the form of looking and feeling like

A wild adventure or
A simple step or
A big, scary leap or
A logical thing to do


Simply the only thing that makes sense to us in the moment.

In my experience, it’s the very next step that gives us the gorgeous unfolding of what wants to move through us now.

And when we ignore it and get all up in our thinking and Father Knows Best towards it, we miss out on all of the beauty and miracles created just for Us.  Right now.

Your ship is always clearing, again and again, as life moves through you taking you to the coast.

We are always Home.


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