Why We Do (or don't do) Anything

We make up rules for what we should or shouldn’t do.

This isn’t the right time...
What will they think..  
I’m just not sure…

And if we do this long enough, most of the time not even noticing it until

Years can go by and the rebel you once thought yourself to be has suddenly found herself in an imaginary box that she put herself in.

So you look outside the box, and wonder how you got there in the first place.

What you vaguely remember of yourself is someone who always stood up and went against the norm, doing whatever she wanted, that is, if it occurred to you to do so.

And suddenly you see that there are

No walls
or windows
or ceilings
or floors
or even a box.

You find yourself standing up, walking around, wondering why you stayed there for so long.

Until you realize that it doesn’t really matter. and you feel love for the box that served you for all this time and everything that has been created, happened and received in your life.

It looks as if all there is to do is once again, is what looks best in the moment, except now, you’re not asking those questions so much, and when you occasionally do, you catch yourself, you take notice and smile, oh...I don’t need those questions anymore.

This isn’t the right time...
What will they think..
I’m just not sure…

Because you were always just asking your thoughts to reflect back to you the imaginary fear and dragons, that were never really there in the first place.

You are left with the knowing that you are made of stars, and anything you want is possible.

And from there the only thing to be is fully YOU.

You keep moving in the direction that pulls you, not knowing where you will arrive or what it will look like.

And that’s actually really okay.  

Even better than okay.

It’s the only way to ever go, and always be Home.