Just Because.


Today I want to touch on a recent conversation I had with a client and what I’m personally exploring and seeing as fresh and new in my life.

And that’s the premise of what it means to experience a well-lived life and why we do what we do.  

Do you think you need certain conditions in order to be happy?
Do you think people need to do what you think they should?
Do you think you need to have a certain amount of comfort in order to feel good?

The key phrase here is “you think.”

To paraphrase Sydney Banks, “if we are truly living in the experience of our thinking” ALL of the time, (without exceptions) then what’s the point in exploring that which looks like a preference or comfortable or beautiful or oh so...just right?

Simply put, we ultimately do things just because it looks right, or we want to, or it just makes sense in the moment.

And the more frosting we put on the cake, or idea, or whatever we’re up to, the more reasons we have, the more excuses we make up, the more we get caught up in the why or the how or the what if’s….and on and on...

Until we lose touch with the basis of the all-knowing fact of of ‘why we take the next step’ or ‘why we do anything’ is

(to quote a genius singer and songwriter, Perry Farrell):  

Just because.

So go do your thing NOW and bring it to the world.
Take the next step into the unknown.
Dip your toes in and actually get soaked up in the light of…

Imagination, Enthusiasm, Joy, Love, Curiosity, and Wonder

Just because.

Go make your cake – and enjoy the sweet taste of the frosting.


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