I'll Have What She's Having


I absolutely love the phrase in the movie, “When Harry Met Sally” when the woman in the restaurant unapologetically says, “I'll Have What She's Having” after Meg Ryan’s character throughly enjoys herself to prove a point.

It’s sort of funny to look at the phrase from a different angle because we often catch ourselves wanting what others have, in order to feel good in the moment.

We think that what’s outside of our current experience will be exactly what fixes a problem or challenge that’s actually inside of us.

The thing is – the problem or challenge or issue doesn’t actually exist, outside of your thinking in the moment. It can look really, very real. And that trick of where it seems to be coming from, makes us think that if we change our circumstances on the outside, then we’ll have a better feeling inside.

In my experience, it’s just not true.

It’s an illusion.

Which is why when we go “work on ourselves” and do all sorts of things to “fix” what’s broken on the outside, and this time we don’t just want to feel good, we want our outside experience to be different – we want to control the things, people and places in our lives too.

If only this changed, I’d be happier.
If only she didn’t act that way, I’d be happier.
If only I lived somewhere else, I’d be happier.
If only I had a more money, I’d be a happier.

When we wake up to the knowing that we are always home and there is nothing to “fix” because we are ALIVE.

Alive and awake to the knowing that anything is always possible in any given moment, well, then we have wings.

And life just naturally gets better. But not as an intentional, must-have result.

As a beautiful occurrence from the knowing that we’re all good.

Just the way we are.
Just the way we were born.

Always whole, always complete, always home.

If you find yourself thinking, “I’ll have what she’s having” from this understanding – it’s more of a “that would be cool!”, rather than a controlled thought or feeling that takes you out of the present and right back into your illusory thinking.

Until you snap back into (once again) the knowing, that you are Infinite Potential, realized.


Molly Downs