What Are You Afraid Of?

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What are you afraid (really) of?

It’s when we step into the moments of who we really are and allow life to move through us when fear seems to creep in the door….

Where am I headed?
What will it look like?
Why me?
Why not me?

All of the ‘what if’s’ and questions begin swirling around until you can’t even see straight.

What do you really want…

Before you add all of the precursors and double meanings to your pure, unfiltered desire?

Before you judge it to death
Before it loses its fresh taste

Lacking luster until you can barely see it anymore until - - poof - - it’s gone.

I ask you now – what do you (really) want?  

What do you see for yourself?
What new idea is brewing?

Where do you want to travel?
What do you want to see and explore?

What new possibilities are hiding right there, under the surface?

You are here to LIVE FULLY as an expression of life.

Be here with me now, and at the very least, just for this second, let yourself


And go with that dream, wherever it takes you.

Just take the very next teeny, tiny step or huge leap into the fullness and aliveness of all that is

within You.