Planning in the Present

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I absolutely love this time of year as we approach one of my favorite holidays here in the US – Thanksgiving.  This will be the 19th year that we host the occasion at our house. I take such pride in the menu, the planning and preparation and the whole experience of the feast.

Now, I have to admit that over the years, I would spend so much time planning everything down to the place cards, and in my mind, way, way too early.

I’m not referring to the ordering that needs to take place or the usual shopping involved, but rather the planning in my head.

I would get all caught up in my thinking until Thanksgiving looked like a scary thing I had to overcome, with an hour yoga practice before guests arrived and several glasses of wine throughout.

Now, I’m not saying that I don’t practice yoga anymore or that I don’t enjoy the wine.  

What I noticed about the experience that shifted my thinking, and you can really apply to anything you’re up to:

When we step OUT of the present and go up in our THOUGHTS about some IMAGINARY time in the past or the present, we lose touch with our grounding.

It’s sort of like we trip up ourselves up, slip and fall, sometimes even get smacked upside the head.  We can feel dizzy and almost “out of it.” Out of it meaning, out of our connection with the life force that is always present when we are present to it.

What does this have to do with Thanksgiving and planning in general?

Well, the magic can get lost in our thinking about it.

The aliveness that we feel when we’re working with a project, the presence in the moment, gets shut off like a light switch.
We find ourselves in a dark room with no light switch or window in sight.
Until we wake up to the knowing that we don’t need to “find” a light because


Once we can see that everything we ever need to know is right there in front of us, we stop trying to plan and figure it all out.

And we can get back to what wants to move through us in this very moment, not trying to pretend we can control how it looks or the outcome or how it will turn out.

The moment at hand seems like one big adventure, and depending on our thinking in the moment, that big adventure can look scary or fun.

Life is opening up for us again and again, coming in like waves flowing in the sun.  The deeper mind always has your back, to pick you up and dust you off after you’ve forgotten about your true nature and lose your grounding.  Until you remember once again what you are really made of…

You are made of pure light and love.  

You are opportunity.  
You are creativity.  
You are abundance.   

It was and never will be separate from You.

You are infinite potential – AWAKE.

Now go prepare your menu, as you see it today, without trying to control any or all of the imaginary details…..the images of a made up future or event….that whisper to you now….because, well, they don’t really exist...except as thought in the moment.


P.S. Want to go deeper in planning in the present moment? Watch the free workshop: Living in Flow.