Make Space for Nothing

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Today’s the Winter Solstice, and as I’m about to wrap things up for the year in my business and step into the holidays, I’m noticing how much making space for nothing (no-thing) is everything and at the start of anything.

Have you noticed how much creative juice you get on a walk or at the park or just sitting in bed at night without any phones or electronics beeping at you?

When you just BE you make the space for everything.

For myself, It’s also in this space where my connection to myself and all of life feels the most turned on and strong.

Stepping back, taking it all in and remembering who you really are and what you’re really made of is just about as gorgeous as it gets.

Pure infinite potential, realized, moment to moment.  

Until you forget it again, and then once, again, remember.

Life is always unfolding.  Stay with the wave of the fold.  It’s sort of like when you’re folding laundry, piece by piece, each moment becomes its own creation and then goes out into the world, or in the case of laundry, someone’s closet, and then out into the world.

Making space for nothing is making space for everything and anything to move through.  

Slowing down to the awareness of all of the beauty within no matter what your outside circumstances are screaming at you.

They’re just noise like the beeping of the phone in the middle of the night.  

Just noise. Not you.

You are pure light and awareness capable of transforming the world.

Just begin.
Start from within.  

Love and light,