Soak It Up

soak it up.png

In the early morning hours I felt the urge to write this, having no idea what it is that I would write.

It’s in the quiet moments that we usually know exactly what we want and feelings surge in while we’re all tucked in.

When we’re awake and moving about our day it seems that life is happening to us

All of the people we meet
All of the events we encounter
All of the ‘doing’ getting done

When it’s quiet we seem to be in a state of ‘being’ rather than doing

Is it possible to ‘just be’ and at the same time get on with the doing of life?

This is what I’ve been experimenting with and experiencing lately.

There are two things that stick out to me now like red wine on a white cloth.

The first is that life is happening through me, not to me. My experience of the circumstances and events are simply my experience of them. It's so obvious when two people can share what looks like the same moment, and have two completely different experiences of it.

The second is that is I don’t have much to do at all with the result. I'm just showing up, noticing, and engaging with the moment at hand.

It seems as though in the moments when I completely give myself over to it – life takes over and works in mysterious and beautiful and unusual ways.

It’s when we try to meddle in and take charge and control that things start to feel off and we can even feel like we’re losing something.

Because we are losing something.

In the moments of clenching control, we are losing touch with divine timing, synchronicity and miracles simply because we end up missing them.

We lose touch with ourselves. We can’t see through our clouded thinking simply because, well, it’s cloudy.

It’s when we give ourselves over completely to the moment at hand and yes - even sometimes live in the I Don’t Know that the light comes through. Fresh ideas are brought forth into the mind’s eye or an old friend calls with the perfect solution.

Seemingly “perfect” solutions that are just right for whatever you were caught up about unravel you like string.

And you’re left with the beautiful feeling once again.

The feeling of deep peace, a coming home to yourself, over and over and over again.

Soak it up. Bask in all the beauty. Live Now.


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