Show Up for the Unexpected


This question popped in mind today as I was sipping my morning coffee, wondering how my questions of the day would unfold…

How do you show up for the unexpected when you have no idea what it looks like?

A few things came to mind...

  1. Be present to what’s right in front of you, no matter how small or big you’ve made it up to be.

  2. Stay open to experiencing and playing in areas that appear as new; no matter how small or big you’ve made them up to be.

  3. A clear mind will always give you the space to see what’s right in front of you.

  4. A busy mind is a cloudy mind full of thought storms and imagined futures that don’t exist, expect for in your in the moment thinking.

Picture a busy train station with all of the hustle and bustle of the people, all of the sounds and flashing lights.  

You’re standing right in front of a moving train as it wizzes past you in a blur.

That’s what it’s like when we experience a swirling, busy mind.  We can’t make out the people riding inside, or the even the colors.  It’s like one big flash of crazy. And suddenly, it’s gone. We’re left feeling off balance, empty and confused.

It’s the same when we’re caught up in our thinking about something or many things.

You’ve got a challenge, an idea that’s popped in and no idea what to do next.

Instead of just standing there trying to “collect your thoughts” as if they should be collected in the first place, it’s often best to just relax into the knowing that you’ll know when you know.

It’s in this natural space of our true selves that we can move mountains and molehills, show up for ourselves, our clients, our families, our customers, and total strangers.  It’s in these moments that we get a glimpse, or rather a feeling, of the deep understanding and knowing that we can somehow change the world, noticing the obvious connection within our true nature, from the inside-out.  

That’s often when what looked like a difficult problem or the end of the world seconds ago, suddenly vanishes or transforms into a bright opportunity, similar to the train whizzing by to the next station.  

And once again, we’re left with a deep feeling of peace and understanding.

Move from this space, and enjoy the ride.