Are You Floating or on Solid Ground?

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Sometimes it feels like my head is spinning with ideas and cloudy, but not the stormy clouds, the pretty ones that look like cotton candy and I’m sure would taste sweet if it was possible to taste them…okay I’m getting off track here.

Do you ever feel like you’ve got a lot of thoughts up there, but you’re enjoying them almost too much?  Do you ever feel like you’d rather stay up there with your ideas and thoughts instead of bringing them to form, to life, on solid ground?

Me too.

There are times I wish I had more clarity or even completion with my projects and ideas.  

And then there are times I really just enjoy swimming in them and the unknown.

What I catch onto again and again and notice is when I’m all up in my head and not taking the next baby step or leap, and how it’s almost always the perfect moment to actually DO SOMETHING or release the idea or project, and let off the gas.

The problem with staying up in the wishful thinking clouds about what I want to be up to in the world is this:  I’m actually hiding.

Hiding from the very next step because I’m afraid of what it might look like or not look like when it’s all wrapped up in an imaginary bow I’ve created in my mind.

To quote Marianne Williamson: “It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.  Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

The part that I see myself and my clients sometimes get tripped up on is the idea of being powerful.  It can look frightening if you think that it’s You that’s doing the dance, playing the violin, writing the line, hitting the ball, standing up, speaking up, helping to heal the patient, directing the film, and so on…

But what if the light and power is moving through you at lightning fast speed, and all of the time?

So many of my “firsts” and seemingly difficult or beautiful experiences come to mind now.

The feeling of moving into my first apartment all on my own, meeting my now husband 20 years ago and moving my whole life to another state with him, finding the courage as a ten year old child to speak up to an adult who made a racist slur, writing and hitting publish on my first book…

Saying YES to countless opportunities that didn’t really make sense at the time, but looking back now, they were all just perfect for that moment in time.

What experiences have you had where you unexpectedly came through a difficult or challenging situation at work or with your partner or kids?  

What are your firsts?  

Where were You in that moment?
How much did it feel like you had to charge through it?
How much did it feel like a wave of knowing, and much deeper than your best efforts?

When you feel so strongly connected to that life force that it almost felt like it took over and


What if that force is with you and available – not just in moments of crisis, challenges or change, but actually, all of the time?

What would your project at work, your position on the board or your morning as a mother of young children look like if you allowed yourself to release “what you think” more of the time and spent more time in the knowing that this life force is always there, coaxing and pointing you to do the very next thing.  

How would you move about your day?
Where would you go?
Who would you connect with?

Who knows...until you do.  All in the unfolding of this beautiful life.

Where we are continuously floating about – who knows where – who knows next – and at the same time, always on solid ground.

Love and light,