Clarity and Focus

There's a central question that usually comes up when I first start working with a client, or catch up with a close friend, and it's this:

What steps should I take now? Should I say 'yes' or 'no' to X, Y, or Z?

Often when we find ourselves

In a brand new place or situation,
With a brand new idea,
Or a brand new way of being in the world..

It can appear like the road ahead might be full of HUGE obstacles, potholes and cracks.

When in fact, it's easy to know what to do next –

And yes, even when you find yourself in a place that you've never been before...

There's really only ONE thing to do next.

Follow the breadcrumbs and allow your inner knowing to lead the way.

You might not know what the 487th step will look like, and that might feel like a red flag 🚩 to you, but you probably have a good idea of step # 2, or whatever the very next tiny step or big leap is to take.

You just know to take it. Even if you're not sure why.

And guess what?

That's perfectly okay.

Even great.

What if you didn't need to know WHY?

You just need to know if it's a YES or a NO.

And trust that the very next step will be revealed if you just keep following the breadcrumbs. And if you're totally unclear on what the next step is, and can't even see through the fog of your thinking, reach out to me for support and insight, or someone else you trust.

Get the clarity you need and move forward - - just don't stay stuck for too long.