Break on through to your New World


I watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty again yesterday, for the second or third time..but who's counting, right?!

This time I really noticed and took in all of the beauty in the synchronicity of Now in the story of Walter; him breaking out of his current reality, and into the beautiful unknown, reaching new heights of awareness and what success means for him.

What happens when we allow ourselves to take each step without trying to guess or control what's next?

What does success mean for you? Not to you, but for you?

What if life happens FOR you rather than it being an afterthought, reaction, or something 'being done'...

How would you approach day to day experiences if you looked at it all as happening just for you?

Right now I'm seeing this understanding front row and center in my own life and in conversations my clients.

And here's a formula if you're wanting one:

There is never anywhere to be but now, in the very moment you're in.

The key is this:

You have absolutely EVERYTHING you need to be prepared for the moment at hand without even realizing it.

The realization comes in the aftermath. When the impossible journey or task is complete, and once again…you find yourself right back to


Love, Molly

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A whole new world awaits! x