Living in Possibility

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This picture is of the four leaf clover my son found in our backyard when he was very young.  He's now 16 years old!  

I tucked the clover along with a flower from our daughter Siena's site in my book of Ralph Waldo Emerson's Essays and Journals that I've had for what seems like forever.  

In fact, I was the same age that my son is now when I first picked up the book!

This picture, the book and its contents remind me of all that's possible.  

And all that you and I cannot yet see.

So what does it mean to live in possibility?

When I first heard this phrase, it was whispered to me.  The thought that first came to mind was, "Wait a minute..if I live in possibility, doesn't that mean I never actually leave possibility?  Doesn't it mean that nothing gets done, or created, ever?!?"

Then I had one of those beautiful insights.

You know the one.

When chills go up and down your spine and your heart and you can feel them almost reach out through your fingertips, almost as if they want to grab hold of something – but what?

I now see moments like these as a signal.

A signal that my entire Being is ready to go.

Ready to move forward with the possibility of something new that wants to be created and completed.  

Something wants to be brought to life as a co-creation from being Nothing to Something.

That something that wants to be brought to life could be as simple as

A New Thought
A friendship
A practice
An idea
Words on the page
A new business
A blog post

I could go on and on and on....

So many possibilities are waiting at your feet with just the right answer or thing that you need to see next.

If only you would open your eyes and see what's right in front of you.

And what you'll find is YOU.  Completely ready for the next adventure.

I used to get ideas and hear whispers of all sorts of possibilities. 

And the truth is this.  I ignored most of them.  I discounted them as ridiculous when it was my own thoughts and my own story holding me back.

Then I realized that I am not my thoughts, or my story, or my personality.

I woke up to the Truth.

We are all spiritual and creative beings, having a human experience.

We are here to do the work we were born to do.

So why not live in possibility more and more...and see where that leads?

What's unfolding for you now?  


Molly Downs