Saying YES and Jumping In!

This week I'm exploring a central theme that I'd like to share with you. If at anytime you feel the inclination to reach out and let me know what you're up to - - or you want to explore what working together might look like - - you can reach out here. ↩

What happens when we decide that it's a Yes and just jump right in feet first?

Life happens for us.

When we stop trying to figure everything out and instead just take the very next step, life unfolds in ways we couldn't possibly figure out on our own...

Or can even Imagine.

I can think of a pile of different things I said Yes to and how I couldn't possibly have figured them out.

One that comes to mind right is now is when I packed up everything and moved to another state with my now husband Jeff after only really knowing him for...get this...just 2 weeks!

This July on Jeff's 44th birthday we'll be celebrating our 20th anniversary.

Wow. What if I hadn't listened to what my inner wisdom was telling me to say Yes and instead listened to everyone else?  If you would have told me 20 years ago that it would have all worked out as a whirling adventure, I would't have believed you.

What does this mean for our destination?

We don't know where we'll land or float.

We just will.

So the best thing we can do in any given moment is: Just Be In This Moment.

Showing up as You is all you ever have to do, and then doing the very next thing that occurs to you.

In my experience and in what I'm seeing now for my clients is that the more we just SHOW UP and PLAY in the space of what wants to be created or completed, the more we OPEN ourselves up to the limitless potential that


WE are the ones we've been waiting for.

Now, are you ready to stop waiting and just say YES?

Jump into the unlimited potential that already IS You.

So much love,

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