How stuff (really) gets done.

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I've been exploring a new way to approach my work and whole life.

This includes everything from needing to pick up milk and eggs to creating new programs to working with a new client to publishing my next book and even launching a new podcast (more on that later..)

This blue post-it note was given to me by my 9 year old daughter, Adriana.  I keep it as a reminder of what we really are made of -

Pure potential and light (a.k.a. Stardust).

So if that's true, why do we get caught up in our thinking to the point that we believe we're anything less than awesome?

In my experience and in working with my clients, it's just a human thing.  

Until it isn't.  

Once we notice that we're caught up in our thinking, we can find ourselves in a room filled with new awareness and insight, which takes me right back to the deep knowing that

You are Awesome. 

And we are capable of SO MUCH MORE that our current thinking is allowing us to see and experience.

This knowing led me to my playful and practical experiment around this question:

What if what I want to accomplish in any given day got done in a way that felt not just good - - but great? 

What could happen if instead of setting goals I went with the direction that's calling me in the present moment, and then created a plan and strategy from that space?

What would it look like if I created more space in my schedule for get this...Nothing?

What would I welcome in and then notice in being more present?  What would show up in the moment that wanted to be

Shared and
Brought to life?

And honestly, would the milk still get picked up on time?

Here's what I'm seeing:

The more SPACE I create for life and work to do its own thing - - the more the 'doing part' just

Gets done.

And the openings for LIFE to come through and co-create with me has brought

New client relationships
New ideas for my book
New plans for a podcast
New programs to share
New ways of working with people

Basically, brand new ways to create in the world.

And without all the pressure I used to put on myself to


And now I see in real-time with the actual proof staring me in the face that


And this beautiful energy called 


However, you describe it - - was here all along waiting and ready to play as I co-create with whatever wants to come through in the moment.

And - - what if this same creativity that shows up in the most gorgeous painting, is the very same creativity that wants to make a schedule for blog posting, or a create custom package for a client or any of the other planning or strategy type things I used to brush aside as only to be approached in the most serious of manners?.

I see clearly now that this unlimited potential that is inside of all of us is ALWAYS sitting there just waiting to come out and PLAY.

The question is:

Are you ready to notice it more, and allow it to do more of the hard work for you?  

Because in the words of Adriana:


So much love,

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