The Unexpected Plane Ride Home

I was recently flying from LA in March and as I landed in the Chicago airport to make a quick connection flight home, I discovered that my flight was being re-routed due to icy and snowy conditions.

Even though I heard from everyone that there was no need for this and that there was no snow in sight or even on the way back home, I realized that the best thing I could do was to take the re-routed flight and arrange for my husband Jeff to drive the hour and pick me up at the airport.

Little did I know what was in store for me.

Or maybe I did. 

Either way, this is what unfolded next..

Turns out there was no snow back home and my re-routed flight was taking me through a blizzard. 

Jeff even drove through a snow storm with two of the kids, counting car after car in the ditches along the way, just to pick me up and bring me home safely.

I noticed that inside myself, even though all of this was happening on the outside, I felt at ease.  A little rushed in getting to my new gate for the flight, but just fine.

Here's what happened next...

I experienced a shift on the airplane.

After only 10 minutes into this just 30 minute flight, I already saw a lot.

The nice woman seated next to me, kept talking about her grandkids and specifically her daughter who she had just flown out to help care for her newborn baby.  

She was nervous and fidgeting, so I just let her talk.  I told her a few jokes here and there and shared a story or two about my own kids.  I just kept listening.

Then the pilot made an announcement. He wasn't sure if we could land. 

In his own words, "We should have enough fuel to circle around for a bit.  We'll just have to see what happens."  

What?  Really?

Then it got really interesting...

The two women behind me (who were truly forces to be reckoned with) had been talking nonstop about their trip to Hawaii.  I asked to see some pictures when the business man sitting next to them said, "I need to move now."

He got up, moved away from the seat next to one of the women, and darted to the front of the plane.

One of the women loudly and sarcastically shouted, "Oh, did I say something?!  Sorry.  Whatever.  It must be me!"  

This continued all around me.

Another passenger, a young man I met at the airport beforehand I could see was seated towards the front and clearing shaking.  

The women behind me started yelling about nothing.

All of this was happening.

I saw all of this outside chaos happening around me.  

And then I shifted.

Within I felt something completely different.  

I was okay, even great.

And I actually thought, well, I might as well enjoy this moment too.

So I put on my headphones and started listening to one of my favorite authors, Steve Chandler's new book, Right Now.  I love his books and especially his audios. 

Not only are they life-changing, but they're also really funny, and his voice just puts me completely at ease.

A few minutes later, we finally landed. 

But the plane could barely get to the gate, as it was sliding and then stuck. 

In not a very feminist moment, I turned to the men around me and asked them to please get out and push the plane to the gate, smiling of course.

Long story short, I eventually made it inside the airport terminal and reconnected with Jeff and the kids. 

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to reconnect with my luggage for another day.

Thankfully, we drove home safely, watching all of the cars in ditches along the way.

It was quite an experience.  

One that I can now see such rich beauty in it, that it changed me forever.

If I were to bite size it down for you, what I saw was this:

We are ALWAYS okay.  Enjoy the ride.

All the love,