Playing the game of life

This week's post is a bit different usual because it's really just a big, giant question.


Does it look like a game? 

And if so, does the game look fun and easy or really difficult right now?

Maybe it doesn't look like a game to you at all, but rather a series of pre-planned events that you have to endure or just go along with until, well, it's over.

Sounds depressing, right?

With the recent unexpected deaths of both Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, I've taken a step back to look at my own life and how I see it.

We all go through difficult times.  Knowing that my thoughts come and go and that I no longer need to label them as good or bad or even dwell in them has helped me come back to this thought over and over and over, and it's this:


Meaning: I don't have figure out what to do next.  

It will happen on it's own, when it occurs to me.  And in those moments when I don't know what to do next, that's perfect too.

Because I will, know that is, soon enough.

All this means is that all I ever have to do is be present to the thought that comes through in the moment. 

I recently watched the film 'A League of Their Own' again for our family movie night.  In the film you see how the women of the first ever women's baseball league overcame what they wanted to accomplish and took advantage of EVERY SINGLE MOMENT to move the bar in their favor. Sure, they did some not so feminist things back then to get us just a little closer as women to being "in the game" of life. 

To have more choices.

To be who we are as individuals.  And together.  As one human race.

You could see the ideas and noticing take place throughout the movie, and how they were each ready at any second to take advantage of what they saw as opportunity in any moment, in the game happening on the field, or life.

For me, most of the time, I don't even see the thought or feeling come in until after I've noticed it, experienced some sort of level of awareness, and then at times - - lately more now than ever - - the INSIGHTS come in like floods. Bathing me in Truth and I know exactly what to do next.

So I guess what I'm up to now is just to LIVE FULLY and experience and enjoy this life.


How about you?


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