Summertime Rolls...

Summertime Rolls…

This song came to me as I was on my flight to LA to complete Supercoach Academy with Michael Neill and a group of extraordinary colleagues and friends.

They feel like extended, long-lost family members to me now who I’m so grateful to have met. 

The song "Summertime Rolls" by Jane’s Addiction, a group from the 80's that I didn't discover until the mid-90's when I was in high school, way, way too many years ago.  As my 16-year-old likes to affectionately call that time period: The Nineteen's (aka pre-2000 : )

I always loved the song because it speaks to and feel like the playfulness and relaxation of summertime, and how the feeling of summer can kind of roll like a ball down the hill.

Like a gentle, easy breeze on the back porch of our mind.  Dripping rain comes to mind and big, bright, beautiful sunflowers.

The funny thing is, as this song comes to me now, I realize how life has the opportunity to be in the feeling of summertime ANYTIME - dare I say the word "winter" to anyone living near me in Iowa!

Some questions you may want to reflect on today:

Where in your life does it feel like thoughts of summertime?
What are feels EASY and FUN right now in your work?
Does your project or business feel very serious, or more like play?

The thing is...


You can do what you want to do. 
You can make things easy or difficult.
You can change your approach too.

The reality of where you are with ANYTHING in your circumstances or experience comes down to what you’re ready to notice and release or act on


In the only moment that truly exists.

And if you’re not quite sure how, and you know that you want to release the old and step into the new - -  where you find yourself in gorgeous places and circumstances that feel like, well, bright and open...

Sort of like rolling down a grassy hill, kind of like –


Then reach out here and connect with me. 

I can either point you in a NEW direction or work with you in one of my programs or private coaching.

Either way, enjoy this NEW day, and the beginning of summer!

Love and light,

Song lyrics:

Fell into
A sea of grass
And disappeared among
The shady blades... 
Children all
Ran over me
Screaming tag! 
You are the one!

He trips her as
Her sandals fail
She says stop! 
I'm a girl... 
Whose fingernails are made
Of mother's pearl...

Yellow buttercup
Chasing after
The crazy bee
Mad about somebody...

Me and my girlfriend
Don't wear no shoes
Her nose is painted pepper
She loves me
I mean it's serious
As serious can be...

She sings a song and
I listen…"