Starting Fresh


by Adriana (2018)

This weekend my daughter Adriana (9 years old) and I were talking about her room and how she wanted to change things up, specifically the decor.

She looked around at each piece of art on the wall and told me what she wanted to do next as she'd point out how that one needs to come down and will go in her scrapbook.  The next needs to come down and was meant to be recycled into something new.  Yet another would drop, but this would be for me to keep as she lovingly asked me to turn as she wrote my name on the bottom of the drawing with the caption, 'Love, Adriana'.

Soon enough we looked around her room and there wasn't a single painting or drawing left.  

Bare walls.

I noticed how happy she was as she described what she wanted to create next for her room, and during this beautiful time on the brink of summer.

This whole experience reminded me of my own work, and ultimately everything we do in life.

In order for new, fresh ideas to come through, we must first let go of the old.  Releasing all of the time, blood, sweat, and tears we put into the act of creation because - - well, here' the really interesting thing, to me anyway...


I'm not saying that this beautiful picture (above) from Adriana doesn't exist.  

What I am saying is that once she created it, and it moved through her, it wasn't hers anymore.

It took a life of its own.

I don't think for a second that she thought it would have inspired me to write this post, or share it with you...

And where will the "thought" of it go from there...?

Who knows.  

It's Thought in the moment.

The idea of letting go of

Past projects
People we love
Ideas that inspired us
Art on the wall
A completed job, or task, or business

They're just done.  And what wants to come through now, that's BRAND NEW to us, can't exist in the world until we notice it and bring it life.

For today, I leave you with just a few questions to ponder:

  1. What are you READY to let go of now?
  2. What do you WANT to create next? 

And whatever comes to you is just perfect for You in this moment. 

And the very next step to take - - and it might be a HUGE LEAP or a tiny step, is ALL YOU EVER HAVE TO DO.

Enjoy this New Day x

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