A Playful Exercise To Move Forward (worksheet inside)


I just finished a truly magical weekend at The Irish Cottage Boutique Hotel in Galena, Illinois with my husband, Jeff, where we celebrated 20 years of marriage and his birthday.

Our time together and the beautiful space that is the Irish Cottage (this picture gives you a view of the library) can only be described as magical.

All of the synchronicities that revealed themselves to me the over weekend, moment to moment, can only be described as little miracles pointing me to overwhelming gratefulness in that...

I never would have thought in a million years that I would get to live the life I live now.

And there’s no way I could have planned or orchestrated it either. I do know that lately life has felt like being completely ‘in sync’ and in alignment with what my soul wants, and how I’m meant to serve others during this time.

I experienced the same resolute knowing last week when I held intensives for two of my clients. What looks very clear to me and part of what they saw is this:

All we ever have to do is be open and present to what's right in front of us - and - our very best in any given moment, (whatever that looks like) because sometimes that looks spectacular, almost as if it was pure magic. And other times it just looks like we’re fooling around and letting things fall as they do.

Either way, there's another key ingredient:

Being Open.

The amount of willingness we have to be OPEN for what wants to be created, changed, or transformed in any situation, project, relationship; in the moment is a large factor in what actually gets done and our whole experience.

Then all the beautiful, magical and surprising miracles show up in unexpected ways as OPPORTUNITIES we wouldn’t have even noticed before.

So....go take a chance and do your thing.

It’s the perfect moment.

And You get to be present to it.

Love and light,

P.S.  Click here to download this worksheet I created for you: 
A Playful Exercise:  10 Ways I See To Move Forward In The Direction Of My Dreams Now