Step Inside a New World

Photo credit: David Beeler Photography 

Photo credit: David Beeler Photography 

"STEP (INSIDE) A NEW WORLD" – Sydney Banks

For the past several days I've been managing a fever and cough that sprung on me just when my immune system was down from a strenuous workout.

Basically, I overdid it.

Yesterday I snuggled up on the couch and turned on a video called the "Ultimate Answer" from the late Sydney Banks.

As I listened, I noticed how the words he was saying were just resting upon me. They came in like waves, similar to the feeling I get when I stare into the ocean, that washes over me with a feeling of deep understanding and peace.

My experience over the past two years of listening to any of Sydney Banks’ talks is the same. There's the feeling. Then there's one phrase that sticks out to me like a misspelled word in an amazing book (okay, I do misspell words from time to time, but I was a spelling bee kid ;)

In June, at the end of my final intensive week in LA with Michael Neill and group of about 50 brilliant and oh so kind souls, I sat and listened to one of Sydney's tapes.

Tears of love ran down my face.

One phrase hit me like a beautiful song:


The compassion in these words is still with me and is now a sweet, daily reminder that pops up in the most interesting moments.

I can try to break this down for you; what it means and what I think,

But I'm not going to.

Intellectually speaking, it really doesn't matter. It's more a matter of the heart and what the soul already knows.

I don't need to,
I don't want to,
I don't get to...

Figure anything out.

It just is.

Back to yesterday:

The phrase from Sydney Banks that my heart is lingering onto and dancing with now is:


Sounds kinda BIG, right?

Well, what I'm seeing and experiencing for myself and with my clients now is that stepping inside a new world is coming back home to our true nature.

Pure Love. ❤️

Step inside...not into.

It's inside of YOU.

My whole experience of life has really shifted, especially in these past two years.

I can give you a list of

All the things I've seen,
All the adventures that have found me,
All the new friends and partnerships I've made,
All the friendly faces I see each day,
All the love and closeness I feel,
All the shifts in my relationships,
All the financial shifts I've had,
All the weight that's been lifted.

They actually feel like consequential eruptions from a volcano that's within.

So, I'm curious...

What looks real to you?

What are you seeing and noticing in this moment – this one - - right now?

What do you want to GROW NOW?

It's all within you.

And as Sydney Banks said so gently,

You don't need to understand.