Like picking flowers...

flower garden.png

As we begin a new week, I’d like to share a perspective that came to me today.

It’s an image, sort of a vision of how opportunity works and what it can look like if you’re open to seeing and experiencing it for yourself.

When we find ourselves wrestling with a particular goal or something we want and don’t have in the moment, it can feel sucky.

This is because inside we’ve already said YES to it, but we don’t see it in form, smack dab in front of our faces yet.

The thing is - - it DOES actually exist in this moment inside of you.

Which means, it is already taking form.

You just don’t know exactly what it’s going to look like yet when it’s complete.

But since nothing is ever really complete, and it’s always taking some new form or shape even after it’s left us, than is there any point at all in thinking that we are without anything?

Just stay with me here...

It looks really real, I know.

The illusion of us being without something when it’s already present inside of us as thought energy, is just untrue.  

It’s still taking form.
It’s still growing.
It’s still in creation mode.

The cool thing about this perspective is that when we notice how in any given moment we’re creating something out of nothing - - is that life can look like the vision I mentioned at the beginning of this article.

The vision of us being completely surrounded by OPPORTUNITY all of the time (inside).

Close your eyes for a moment, and picture yourself in a flower garden.

You’re walking around when you realize that you’re completely surrounded by countless flowers, each one symbolizing a new opportunity you couldn’t see before.  

You start picking the flowers, one by one by one…

Until you realize that the garden goes on forever, there are endless flowers to pick, and


And there is no separation between you and the flower.

Enjoy this new week, and all of the opportunities that surround you now!  

Don’t forget to smell the roses...