Morning's here! Here's how to meet it.

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I was just having a conversation with one of favorite clients about how our Vision connects with daily productivity and getting the right stuff done.  

It reminded me of something Jerry Seinfeld talked about in the hilarious and inspiring documentary “If You’re Not In the Obit, Eat Breakfast” by Carl Reiner and a host of amazing people living beyond their age.  In the doc, to paraphrase something Jerry Seinfeld talked about in how when he wakes up in the morning, and rarely ever feels good. But as soon as his feet hit the floor and he gets moving, the lights of life sort of come on, and he starts feeling great.

Taking a cue from this wisdom and the guy who belts out “Morning’s here!!!!” outside of Joey’s window in the show “Friends” this looks really clear to me.

In order to move with our Vision and whatever is moving through us in the Now – and have this sort of effortless movement throughout the day with our tasks in getting the right things done – all we need to do to kick this in high gear is to at the very start of our day and throughout moment to moment is to:


Rise to meet life in whatever opportunities, ideas, relationships, tasks are right in front of us.  There are those times when our personal thinking comes in with judgment until we notice it, and it falls away.  

Suddenly we’re left with an obvious answer to what looked like a No or a huge challenge just a few minutes ago and becomes an obvious Yes with a path forward.  Maybe a bit of what looks like now as a rough and bumpy path – but soon you notice it comes with a shortcut you couldn’t see before!

As long as we keep showing up and engaging with life, remarkable opportunities will surprise us, already knocking at our door and shouting…

Morning’s here!!!

How will you rise to meet it today?

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