Do You Believe?


Over the weekend I got to celebrate our daughter Adriana's 10th birthday with a small group of her friends.  Adriana has always loved magical things because of one thing:

She Believes.

Do you?

Do you believe that the currently invisible and the seemingly impossible might be REAL?
Do you believe that what you don't see yet might be just around the corner?
Do you believe in yourself?

For me, there's something about BEING in the energy of something or someone who has come alive to the possibility of what wants to come through them now and be created into form.

Something new that's here now and wasn't before.
Something new that's growing and reaching new heights.
Something that I see now, that they can't see (yet), that's just around the corner for them.

This is probably why I've always loved faeries.  The stories of what they're up to has always about some form of transformation and growth; in nature, in people, and in all living things.

So here's what's possible:


Where are you seeing growth?
Where do you want to play (work) next?
What do you want to be up to in these precious hours of your life?

And one more thing...

Is there something that you want for your life, your project, your business – that you can kind of see as possible – but aren't sure about the HOW?

Are you ready to let the next step of your Transformation and Growth happen?

Just take the very next step.   

Love and light,

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