When It’s Not About You Anymore


Today I want to ask you a few questions for you to reflect on and see what you see.

Take a moment to think of something you’re up to these days, and picture it as a project.

Now, take your personal self out of the equation and ask:

What would I do today for my project if my personal thinking wasn’t a factor?

What would I do to get the ball rolling?
What chance would I take?
What would it look like if whether I failed or succeeded didn’t matter?

How would it change my approach and what I’m up to in my project day to day and how I let it move through me?

What I’ve experienced for myself and in working with my clients in what they’re up to in the world is this:

When you take your personal self and thinking out of the decision making process, you just Do What Looks Right in the moment.

And you don’t spend much time (if any at all) on what anyone (including your your ego) might think about the result.

The project often unfolds in beautiful ways you couldn’t see when you were focused through a narrow lens of personal thinking and judgement.

Here's the thing – you often:


Enjoy the ride!