The Funny Thing About Grapes

This week I was away in California experiencing the beginning of a six month journey in Michael Neill’s Emerging Voices Program.

I got a call from home and ended up having a conversation with my daughter Adriana, now 10 years old, about grapes.

Over the weekend, she and Jeff went to pick up groceries together, just the two of them. They wound up in the produce section and that was when she asked him if they could get the green grapes.

Jeff was surprised at the question and said, “Yeah sure, why wouldn’t we be able to get them?”

“Well, Mom doesn’t buy the green grapes because they aren’t as healthy as the red ones, even if they’re organic. Let’s just get them, we don’t have to tell her.”

The only reason I’m able to share this with you, well, is because Jeff told me, of course.

The funny thing is when I asked Adriana about it, she told me how much she loves green grapes and thought they must be bad for you because I never buy them.

I shared with her that the reason I get the red ones is because I thought she hated green grapes, well, because of a memory I have planted somewhere of her when she was much younger, telling me that the green ones are awful.

So there we were together, face-timing about grapes and our thinking around them.

And what I see from this (other than that I’ll be adding more variety and getting really experimental in my shopping and cooking when I get back home; and they better watch out because it’s going to get really interesting) are these two simple truths about the human experience:

We are going to get caught up in our thinking.


We are meant to enjoy our lives, instead of pretending to like what we don’t, or act like it’s all good, just to somehow attempt to comb over the thoughts that others might have about us, that which is impossible, and that which, well, doesn’t really exist.

Enjoy your life. Enjoy your life. Enjoy your life.