Your Role In The Game

If I think for a minute about my journey over the past 41 years, many different roles come to mind.

The entrepreneur, wife, friend, yoga teacher, manager, writer, cook, traveler, coach, sister, mother, to name a few...

When you take a minute and reflect on all of your own experiences and roles through the years,

How does it feel to sit with it?

The insight that’s hitting me now is how all of these roles have been all-consuming (in a good way).  Meaning that when I was living in the trenches of full-on-new motherhood or writing a book, or traveling, or whatever I was up to – I was fully immersed in it.

I was engaged with life as life was living itself through me.  

I just happened to say Yes to whatever form was taking shape in the moment and whatever I wanted to try or master next.

What I’m noticing most is how the moment that’s happening Right Now is the only one I’m really interested in.  I seem to always know what to do next.

And sometimes that’s saying three little words to myself:

I Don’t Know.

And that’s a great place to land because it’s a signal that I’m in a new space and I know that at some point…

I Will Know

Exactly what the very next step is

Because you don’t know until you do.  

This sounds so freaking simple but it’s true.  What I’m seeing for my clients and hearing lately in conversations is that there is absolutely nothing to do

Until There Is.

And the very second we attempt to grab the present moment by the throat and say,

Oh, I’ve Got This.  I Know Best. This Is How It’s Supposed To Look….

We then have to take five or so steps back in the game of life, until we see once again that it’s not on us to figure any of it out.

It seems that our only job in whatever role we find ourselves in (to quote Sydney Banks)
“To Do The Very Best That We Can Given The Thinking We Have In The Moment.”

Life seems to swoop in and take care of the rest as we play in details laid out right in front of us, knowing that we can’t jump ahead ten steps, well, until we see a new opening.

What role do you find is taking up the majority of your time and attention these days?

What new role is whispering to you to try on?

Where would you like to explore or master next on the game board of life?

What openings, free spaces and opportunities are right in front of you that you just can’t see (until you can)?

So much love,