Moving Towards Joy.


I woke up this morning with my husband, Jeff tapping my arm softly to let me know that there was a bomb threat and all of the schools in the city are delayed; which let’s just say that this is definitely not how I wanted to wake up.

I proceeded to get out of bed and do all the “mom things” I usually do – like make sure that my youngest packed her lunch for the day, let our two older teenage kids know that there was a delay, and of course I made coffee. I figured that bulletproof coffee would give me the what felt like an extra mental edge that was needed to support all of the things I wanted to dive into on this day.

I then took some quiet time for myself to read one of my favorite new books: Live Big, by Ajit Nawalkha.

After reading a couple of chapters, I sat in silence alone in our bed, and stared out at the fresh snow. It looked cold. I noticed right then and there that I could have easily panicked about the bomb threat or decide it was too cold to go out, and just sink into overthinking mode…

Instead I was surprised myself. I got up and started moving and doing everything that was pulling me towards JOY.

I kept going until I found myself hours later at my favorite sushi restaurant, telling Eddy, who works there that I’ve been slaying dragons all day.

Without explaining myself, we had a good laugh. I thanked him for lunch and got moving again.

On my drive back to my home office, the conversation I had over the weekend with my baby sister, who’s now 27 – popped into mind.

We were talking about life, sharing our stories and just how everything seems to be random when it occurs; until we take a step back and notice all of the gorgeous moments of synchronicity, miracles and flow.

It’s sort of funny how we can look back on any part of our lives and if we were to go back in time, we could connect the dots and what we’d most likely see is a perfect moment to moment timeline of everything happening FOR US.

Still in the moment it usually looks random, sometimes exhilarating, often scary and unexpected.

Until we remember that it’s coming from our thinking and we can’t forecast the next year, month, day or even the next moment in time.

So all there seems to be to do is LIVE fully and bask in the knowing that we’ve got this - all of us - together.

We are connected in webs of life.

No matter how random, scary, unexpected or exhilarating it may look and feel like in this moment of your thinking –

Keep moving towards what lights you up.
Keep moving towards Joy.

Love and light,

P.S. I’m happy to say that the bomb threat turned out to be not credible. And my bulletproof coffee was delicious. Here’s the recipe.