Waking Up (again and again)

Lake Monona, Madison, Wisconsin

Lake Monona, Madison, Wisconsin

When I was 13 and 14 my dream was to wake people up to help the environment and just to experience freedom in their lives.  I always said I would someday travel and have a family, be a mother. I loved reading and writing and could be found on the front porch of our home in Iowa most of the time, lost deep inside a book.  Otherwise I was digging for rocks (literally and figuratively) as I loved research and mystery, and especially the fossils I would dig up outside my grandparents home. In my high school years, I discovered philosophy and took a class on the Philosophy of Human Nature at a local university during my senior year of Catholic High School.  

As I found myself “growing up,” one thing I never understood is why the majority of the grown-ups in my life seemed to not be doing what they wanted to day to day.  

I thought, if you’re technically an adult and free to do what you’d like, why don’t you?

Fast forward to just over a year or so ago, I had my own “waking up” when I realized through my understanding of what some call the 3 principles (mind, consciousness and thought) and working with transformative coach Michael Neill, I realized that I was doing my very best to cover up that I was exactly like one of those “grownups” who was not living the life they wanted to live.  

I honestly thought I was doing pretty good on the scale of Happy.

Until I realized that I made up my own version of it.  The happy version I played out was barely scratching the surface of freedom and doing what I really wanted to do.  

The problem (or it looked like a problem anyway) was that I had no idea what I wanted.  And suddenly the world looked very big to me.

I’m sitting here right now, cracked open, realizing that the phrase, “it’s all made up” is really me, experiencing me, making it up as well.  I’ve made up that there are limitations I better not cross and places that are really too far away and people I should be careful of. I’ve made up all of these imaginary scenarios and then tried to cover up the fact that they exist…

Here’s the thing….they don’t exist.  Except for in my thinking.

And knowing the Truth that we are living in the experience of our thinking 100% of the time, means that yes, here too…

Right now it doesn’t look real to me anymore.  Which means, I’ve cracked another shell that didn’t exist in the first place, but used to look real to me, but now it doesn’t.

What’s next?  Who knows…

All I can say is that I’m supposed to be right here, right now, writing this to you.

Here’s what I’m up to:

To be lived, to be fully used up at the end of each day, not needing to know why.  

To enjoy life and explore all of the forms it takes and where it takes me and with whoever it takes me to spend time with; travel, family, friends, digging rocks…

Being a wife and mother and coach seems to be a few of the forms on path I’m on right now, experiencing myself waking up again and again, watching others wake up more and more to their true nature, and the knowing that we are all capable of so much more than we know.  

As we break out of our shells, cracks paper thin, popping out again and again

Until there is nowhere to be but

Right Here. Now.

And nothing to do other than to

Live Now in the Fullest Expression of You

In the Fullest Expression Of Us.

As we light up the whole world, from within.