The Big Why

I love to talk about the inside-out nature of life and how when we understand how it all works, we have the opportunity to see that we really do have everything we could ever need at any given moment.


Do you ever get the feeling that something’s missing?

Like there was something really important you’ve been meaning to do and you just keep putting it off and over until it’s barely ever around in mind…

Until it pops up again and you notice and ask yourself:

why am I not doing that?
why isn’t that in my life?
why isn’t it here yet?

The word that sticks out to me is WHY.

The really not that important but we give it oh so much meaning until we find ourselves three years later down a rabbit hole like Alice going absolutely nowhere.

You know, that word.

Chasing circles and even wise old rabbits and all the mad hatters we bump into over and over again.

It’s never in the WHY.

The ‘why’ is the distraction that keeps our thoughts busy


Until we find ourselves practically out of breath with no energy left or care at this point to what all the fuss was about in the first place.

But remember, something WAS missing.

You feel it.
You notice it.

Whatever is missing right now that you’re trying to put your finger on, is actually really simple to find.

Because YOU already have it.

It has never, ever left you.

You are ‘it’ – that aliveness is inside of you.

All you have to do is what occurs to you to express in the moment.

(before the judgement)

I like to think of all my judgy-ness that tells me I can’t do it, what' was I thinking and it’s just going to be crap so why even try –

As actually a dear old friend, daring me to go for it. Those thoughts aren’t real, they’re just thoughts. And it doesn’t matter why I’m having them or if they MEAN something or if I event dreamt them the night before.

This does something very cool in my book.

It FREES ME UP to say, as my youngest daughter used to say so much as a child:


And then skip forward ten spaces ahead on the imaginary board game we call life.

There is board
There are no spaces
There is no game

There is only YOU right now having this experience.

Is something missing?

What would be the most fun and simple thing you could do RIGHT NOW that is so incredibly easy – ‘you think’ of it as almost meaningless or average or even slightly boring?

Like so easy you could almost do it with your eyes closed?

Start there.

Paint the picture
Sing the song
Book the ticket
Smile at him
Write the poem
Raise your hand

Ask for whatever it is you want…

Whatever ‘it’ is for you – it’s in your experience FOR YOU.

Big or small potatoes, it’s all the same. Just potatoes.

Might as well go for it – all in – right?


P.S. What do you want to go for next? Reach out and share with me here.

Molly Downs