Embrace the distractions!

As I write this post, I have one cat sitting on me below my laptop and another above my head.  I can hear the kids outside my office door yapping away as school’s out early (again) this time due to an ice storm that’s apparently on the way.

Yet I’m typing this now…

The beauty of what’s actually in our reality, in my case the cats, the kids and the cold weather, is that it is here for me, not against me.

The moment at hand comes with it synchronicity and miracles all wrapped up to enjoy and embrace into your experience or fight and complain about wishing you could have it a different way.  

What if you allowed everything in just as it is instead of fighting it?
What if you allowed the beauty seep into each apparent distraction or ill-fitting preference?

Look to see what’s right here, right now, with you.  

And move from there.


Molly Downs