Shoes that fit

The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases. Each of us carries our own life-plan, which cannot be superseded by any other.
— C.G. Jung

I stumbled upon this quote last week and it was timely. I just finished up with a meeting for my son, Noah who’s 17 years old now and we were discussing next steps for him with his teachers.

The meeting was going fairly well as in everyone was joining in and giving their 2 cents on what they see for him now and what would be helpful moving forward after high school.

One teacher got upset and looked up at me forcefully saying, “You just have to have a plan – you can’t just go through life without a plan!” I could see that it was a misunderstanding about how life works. She was emotional and the whole subject seemed to be rattling her from the inside-out.

I shared with her that there is nothing for Noah to do other than what occurs to him. It could involve some planning if that makes sense in the moment, but he doesn’t need to check off any imaginary boxes, and what works for him probably won’t work for someone else.

As the discussion went on, a few of the teachers started sharing their own experiences.

One in particular said, “If I hadn’t become a school bus driver years ago, I probably wouldn’t be doing what I do today, and I love my work.”

I turned to Noah at the end of the meeting and asked him what was on his mind.

He looked me in the eye and said, “Here. I. Am.”

Here. We. Are.

What are you reaching for and sitting with or noticing in your experience today?
Is there something that seems outrageous and fun but feels out of reach or out of focus?

Keep moving forward, in your own shoes.

Don’t waste a second trying to squeeze into a job or a class or a life that doesn’t fit all for the sake of making others happy or comfortable, or to simply avoid being nagged or bothered.

Live YOUR life. Now.

Through your eyes.

Here. You. Are. ❤️


Molly Downs