Choose Your Own Adventure

One of my most favorite book series when I was a kid was ‘Choose Your Own Adventure. I couldn’t get enough of these. I remember one summer I read ALL of them – as many as I could get my hands on at the public library. I’d sit on my parents front porch and read ALL DAY LONG.

Now that I think about it, I’ve never really been a big fan of fiction, even now. What I loved about the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books is that they felt SO real. 

Whether you were riding a horse through a magical forest or being chased by snakes in the jungle or flying an airplane, You (the reader) were always the main character. You got to experience all of these adventures without anything stopping you. Your thoughts didn’t come into play because you knew it was a book and the best part was that you also knew you could just start fresh with a new adventure and experience an entirely new scenario based on the route that you took – and you never knew where it would lead, unless you wore out all of the options and tried out every path; which was my favorite way to enjoy them.

Now that I sit here thinking about those magical books, I can’t help but see and pull on all of the similar threads to how we try to work out life and how things go.

I’ll do my best now to give it a go and share what I see – but I highly recommend looking to what YOU see and ask yourself, 

What do I see as Truth? 
What do I want to explore for myself and just experience? 
What looks to be cool, fun, exciting or just simple that’s in my opportunity zone today?

For me these books point to the obviousness of how life actually works, and at the same time to how we scare ourselves out of things with a ton of excuses and past conditioning, all mixed up like a crazy ball of yarn. 

Which would be fun for one of my cats to bat around a bit, but it can be a messy ball of thoughts that end of winding me up on the inside. 

What I’d like to share is how simple it is to just try things on for size and then make a change whenever we want, and also how difficult and complex it gets when we set up rules for how we ‘should’ live. 

I spent years and years should-ing myself out of things I really wanted to do. And they could be as simple as going for a walk in the rain or as complex as starting a new business idea. 

The cool thing I’ve seen is that they’re no different. The only thing separating me not wanting to get wet, but a walk sounds lovely – to OMG what if my new business idea fails – so why should I go for it in the first place is this – 

The Weight I Give Them In My Own Thought-Created Reality.

They are made of the same ingredients. No difference. Period.

This noticing of my made up ‘shoulds’ has been really interesting. I probably will continue for the rest of my days noticing them. And when I do notice them, sometimes it feels cool and light.

Sort of like a coin flip. I throw a thought I see up in the air, and flip it and wonder….

Is this true? 
How much weight am I putting on it? 
What if this was simple? 
Am I trying to figure something out right now?

All good questions I ask myself that ultimately lead to something my daughter Adriana said when she was just 3 or 4 years old:


And we GET TO see – with fresh eyes – again, and again.

What new adventure (place, experience, idea) do you want to explore now?

Love and light,

Molly Downs