Here we go again

I was on a walk in between client calls when I noticed it and thought, ‘here we go again’ –

Don’t worry, this isn’t a “Mama Mia” reference or anything, although that song is now probably stuck in your head, sorry about that…

You know the constant chatter, monkey mind, the noise in head spouting off ‘what if’s’, random thoughts, analyzing.

It’s funny how the word analyzing has ‘anal’ in it – I mean come to think of it, we are sort of being ‘anal’ or an ass when we go up into our head where stored thought lives to try to figure things out…

Instead of letting the idea, the new way, the opportunity land in our experience, when we settle into that space of the deeper mind and just – know.

I continued on my walk and the nature around me seeped into my experience.

It was like I could FEEL it in my bones.

The bird chirping wildly
Flowers blooming bright colors
Green grass everywhere
The tree standing proudly, supportive

In this moment, I felt no separation with it or anyone or anything

I was ‘in it’ again.

And then I dropped out and back into my thoughts, the chatter, the noise and starting worrying – pushing myself into my future thinking that I better get moving because I don’t want to be late.

I rounded the sidewalk near home and realized how silly beautiful it all is

How WE are.

And how we get to experience this – all of the feelings and thoughts that pop in and out – knowing that they aren’t really who we are – and at the same time they’re fine just the way they are before we label them

Good thought
Bad thought
Ugly thought
Beautiful thought
Sad thought
Lonely thought
Generous thought
Crazy thought
Scary thought

And we just let ourselves BE exactly as we are, right now.

Catching glimpses of the ONEness as it dives into our experience, again and again.

Here we go again.

What a gift.


Molly Downs