Are You Reacting or Creating?

This question arrived while I was on a walk the other day and just sat with me deep down. To me it points to what’s true. How in any given moment, we are either creating or reacting.

Are you Reacting or Creating right now?

You could say that even when we’re reacting to a situation we are creating there too. But I’m pointing to something different. And it might be helpful to take a look if you’re willing to play here with me.

When we are fully engaged with life, with the moment at hand, we feel ALIVE.

Whether we also notice that we’re turned on, turned off, engaged or pissed off doesn’t really matter.

The point is we are AWAKE and connected to the energy of life and everything feels connected.

The opposite is also true. When we find ourselves reacting we often don’t notice it until way later – sometimes never. We’re just unhappy, down and blue - sometimes frustrated, bored or sad.

It doesn’t really matter what feeling we attach to the thoughts in our head.

What holds weight is that we aren’t engaged with that full on energy of everything being lit up inside.

This can lead us to make decisions and go places or do things that feel separate from us and detach us from life with feelings of regret, separation, and sometimes shame or guilt.

What I see is really on offer for all of us as human beings with consciousness rising is this:

All we ever have to do is notice.

This is one of the most gorgeous nuggets I learned while spending time with Michael Neill and all of the mentors and colleagues during my coaching trainings over the past couple of years.

The thing is: We ‘think’.

And then we ‘think’ we have to do more.

You might even be thinking right now, “I can’t just notice something for it to change!”

Well, I ask you right now in this very moment –

What if you could? What if that’s all it took and then life just rolled the ball down the hill from there?

What if all we ever have to do is notice what we’re made of and then moved from there? Without judgement or the need to know how and when and if it will work out?

Ever notice how life works out in gorgeous unexpected ways that we could have never dreamt up or imagined?
Ever notice how we ‘think’ we know how it should go?
Ever notice that we are almost always wrong in how it should go?

What would it look like if we all woke up to the fact that we are co-creating in every moment with whatever you like to call life?

How cool is that?

What comes to mind now as I write this is a quote from Franz Kafka:

You do not need to leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. Do not even listen, simply wait, be quiet still and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked, it has no choice, it will roll in ecstasy at your feet.
— Franz Kafka

If you want something to do – or you want to do something about anything – try this:

Notice what YOU notice. Notice what you SEE.

And move from there.

Lots of love,

Molly Downs