The Path of Intention

The first time I really heard the word Intention was during my first yoga class.

My teacher sat at the front of the room, eyes closed and asked us to set an intention for our day.

I really loved that. You know, the idea of letting something come to mind and then holding it there, in mind and letting it go where it wants to. Sometimes I would notice something during the course of my day and it would remind me of the intention I set.

It always makes me smile.

There was something within to notice. A deep knowing that I was on the path and in alignment with whatever was going on inside.

And then it would then show up and take some form in my outside world too.

It felt and worked like magic to me.

Here I am now, years later, and I’m still connected to this feeling. It still resonates with me when it hits me.

Like a promise to myself from deep within.

I was reading something from one of my favorite coaches when the word ‘intention’ jumped out at me, almost like it was highlighted on the page.


The Latin root of the word ‘intention’ means 'to literally stretch out’ and in Middle English the word means ‘understanding.'

This points to how the meaning of INTENTION has evolved for me.

It still carries weight.

It still matters.

But in a different way.

What if we set an intention and ‘literally stretch out’ with our minds rooted in the understanding of

Where we want to go


The need or

Longing or


To have the journey go a certain way?

We remain rooted in the understanding of WHERE we want to go and then go on the journey of

Creating Our Own Map

Designing it in such a way that it has lots of room in our mind for

unexpected detours
new routes and 
unknown paths

Along with a few easy roads we can take that have always been familiar and fun.

What’s Your Intention?

Here’s what you can do right now to bring understanding to

Where you want to go next
Whatever you want to create now
Whichever direction you want to go in…

Start right now.

Ask yourself:

What would be FUN or OUTRAGEOUS?

What looks IMPOSSIBLE to you right now that just the IDEA of it makes you smile with eyes wide open?

I love this quote here from Henry David Thoreau. However, there’s something it that’s always bothered me.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!
Live the life you've imagined.”

I see now reading it that it’s the word ‘confidently.’

I wish I could change.

It could read:


Sometimes you’ll feel confident and sometimes you’ll feel drained. Sometimes you’ll feel excited and sometimes you’ll feel sad. Sometimes you’ll feel lucky and sometimes you’ll feel unlucky. Sometimes you’ll feel on top of the world and sometimes you’ll feel tiny.

They are just thoughts. NOT REAL. paraphrase Thoreau...

GO in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you have imagined.

Live your dream now.

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Molly Downs