Crocodile Dundee and an Ordinary Life

I watched the movie "Crocodile Dundee II" with my husband the other night.  I've seen the movie before, but this time I saw something new and had more insight into what it means to live an Ordinary life.

I absolutely love the contrast of the characters and how Michael ‘Mick’ Dundee is a very instinctive and rugged guy without much of a care about how things go for him.  His beloved, Sue, who actually married him for real after the film, for over 20 years, appears on screen as a very beautiful, sensual, honest, strong woman and journalist.  She's also very wealthy; and throughout the movie, you see her enjoying the finer things in life.

During the movie, I interrupted and leaned over to say to Jeff: 

(I know that I still interrupt movies more than I should – and I still attribute this to the conditioning from growing up in a family that talks WAY too much during movies, plays, events, well, you understand.  At 42, you know, at this point – it's on me and not them.

Back to what I said...oh right...

I pointed out to him that I like the finer things in life kind of like the character Sue.  

He immediately said with a smile, "Yes. I know."

I tried explaining that the luxury of the experience is in the the ENJOYMENT of it.  

Meaning, having a cup of tea sipped from a beautiful white tea cup with an antique silver spoon while resting in my soft robe looking outside at the all encompassing pine tree in our backyard – to me is pure luxury and enjoying the finer things in life.  

It's all in the details for me.  Not quite sure why, it just is.

At the end of the movie (spoiler here!) you discover that Mick Dundee is actually very, very rich.  He hasn't done a thing with it because it just doesn't seem to occur to him to do so.

Now for that insight I wanted to share.

The next day, I woke up with a very strong knowing that to me – what would be great – is to live an ORDINARY life.

You know this goes against almost every slogan, self-help book, guru and motivational speaker out there.

We've been sold this, without being able to give it a better word, this 'bullshit' that keeps us away from expressing our true essence.

Funny enough, according to Merriam-Webster, the history and meaning of the word 'ordinary' is in fact: 

Middle English Latin meaning: order.

The order of things.  
Doing what occurs to you.  
Not needing to make sense of it.

To me this points to living a life that's as simple as ordering from a menu.  

There's no need to have any reason to want to order the steak fries or baked potato.  

It doesn't really mean anything.
It doesn't carry any weight.
It just doesn't matter.

That's why there can be a huge feeling of relief in not needing to push anymore to be extra-ordinary.

You could even debate the word 'extraordinary' means to be OUT OF ORDER or TOO ORDERLY or even OVER THE TOP.

I've personally spent years in this idea of longing to be better than exactly the way I am at any given time.

When I started dipping my toes a few years ago into the grand idea of really?!  I can stop working on myself?  I can stop pushing myself to go - go - go - in whatever form it took. Motherhood, as a wife, in my work, the constant laundry, the need to keep working on my body, mind and spirit. 

Looking back now it was definitely an experiment that I took on and honestly, one that I never really expected to last.

What I have seen and experienced is that time spent "working on myself" has taken me FURTHER away from my true essence.  

My spirit. My inner knowing.

And the opposite experience of 


Has brought me so very close to my heart's knowing and the tender reminder that I am just fine, always.

Exactly. The way. I am.

There are times that it might look on the outside like I'm working on myself.  

I recently joined a gym and have been loving the weights and sweat, and yes the massage machines!  But - - I'm really just ENJOYING myself.   Yes, even the soreness after a good workout. 

And especially the knowing that – 

I am already here.

What will happen next?

No clue.

I only know this.

I will know.


Molly Downs